Keep your family busy, not bored this summer. Here are fun ways to create memories and spend time together.

Visit the library
The local library is a great place for everyone no matter the age. Choose a book that everyone in the family can read, listen to a book on tape together, or spend an evening where everyone shares what they are reading.

Sit around a campfire
Make a campfire in the backyard or at a local park to roast hot dogs, make s’mores, and watch the stars.

Have a make-your-own-pizza night
Get the ingredients for personal pizzas. Let everyone choose their toppings and make their own pizza.

Visit a farmers' market
Have everyone choose something special from the market—fresh produce, bread or baked goods, fresh flowers, cheeses, jams and jellies, fresh meats or eggs—then go home and prepare a fresh meal together.

Help someone in need
There are a million ways that you and your family can make a positive difference in the lives of others. Work together at a soup kitchen or animal shelter, collect canned goods, visit a friend who lives alone, or participate in a walkathon to raise money for a good cause.

Take a hike
Walking is great exercise. Teach your kids healthy habits—put on your hiking shoes and enjoy nature.

Plan a craft day
Choose a craft you can do together, or let everyone choose a craft to work on. Visit your local craft store for supplies or check out local classes. Try jewlery making, model building, basket weaving, photography, or painting.

Be tourists
Explore your own city or town. Check out festivals and events, see a local sporting event, visit a museum, go to the zoo, or try something new.

Have a family play date
Do whatever you enjoy—puzzles, checkers, card games, tennis, miniature golf—and make a day of it. Get competitive and enjoy each other’s company.

Have fun spending time together this summer, whatever you end up doing!!

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