Selecting the right size turkey is an important part of planning your Thanksgiving feast. If you’re not sure what size you’ll need to feed everyone, go to

Using the Perfect Portions Calculator, simply enter the details about your dinner to determine the size you’ll need to buy. Enter the number of people you will be feeding (adults and children), whether you’re big or light eaters, and whether you’ll want leftovers, and the calculator will tell you how much you’ll need.

The Web site also contains useful tips on selecting your turkey (fresh or frozen; whole turkey or breast), and information on thawing and cooking your turkey safely.








If you're planning a kitchen or bath renovation, remember that what you don't see is just as important as what you do see for a functional and well-organized space. In both areas, you generally have a routine, and it's important to have everything you need for each task close at hand. Both rooms can be clutter magnets, but with some up-front planning you can streamline these work spaces to make your routine more efficient and eliminate clutter.

There are tons of options for making the most of available space—consider some of these kitchen storage solutions:


  • Drawer organizers, like cutlery dividers, prevent every drawer from becoming a junk drawer.
  • Pegged pull-out drawers make storing dishes easier (pegs keep the dish stacks from sliding into each other with drawer movement).

Lower cabinets

  • Viewing and accessing items stored toward the back can be difficult. Consider:
  • Pull-out drawers with sliding shelves.
  • Deep-drawer cabinets and pot/pan organizers.
  • Cabinet roll-out storage for trash and recycling bins.
  • Lazy-susan corner units.
  • Sliding shelves with tray organizers.

Food storage

  • Pull-out pantries. These are available in many configurations—sliding panels, swing out doors with on-door storage, sliding shelves.
  • Pantry drawers.
  • Wine storage pull-out units.
  • Bread drawers or built-in bread boxes or spice racks.

Upper cabinets

  • Reaching items above your head can be difficult. Try these solutions:
  • Tiered shelves.
  • Easy-reach cabinets with on-door storage.

Kitchen islands

  • If you have adequate floor space, consider adding a kitchen island. Islands can provide 25% more counter and cabinet space, more electrical outlets, and additional sink options.

Many of the same considerations apply to the bath. With careful planning, your bathroom can be streamlined to make you more efficient each day. For example, consider two separate master bathrooms. If you don't have room for two baths, two sinks and a private water closet will save time. Also consider the following:

  • Utilize dead space over the toilet by adding a cabinet.
  • Add linen storage in the bathroom. Try built-in floor-to-ceiling shelves or consider using a cabinet or armoire.
  • Be creative—locate the tub or a storage vanity in the middle of the bathroom (huge open areas in the middle of the room can be a waste of space).
  • Install outlets at the back of storage drawers for blow dryers—storage and use all in one.

Before you purchase cabinets and countertops, give some thought to how you use your space. You'll want adequate storage to minimize the number of items that need to be stored on the countertop, but you'll still want easy access to these items when you need them. Let us help you build-in a little organization. Contact us for more information on organizing your space.

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