With ever-increasing crime rates and disturbing reports being covered daily on the news, it can make you feel like closing the curtains and never leaving the house. There are some simple tips, however, that can greatly decrease the likelihood of crimes happening to you when in public.

  • Be aware. Put away your phone and pay attention to what’s going on around you. Find your car keys before you leave the building rather than digging in your purse as you’re crossing the parking lot. Keep your head up and make eye contact with anyone you come across. You are much less likely to be targeted if potential thieves or attackers know you have noticed them.
  • Keep your belongings close. If you carry a wallet, keep it in a front pocket. If you carry a purse, keep one hand on it and hold it close to your body. Put miscellaneous items in your pockets or purse so you can keep one hand free. If your bag or purse is snatched, let the thief have it – your safety is more important.
  • Avoid walking alone. Always try to have a buddy with you if you go out jogging or running, or if you have to walk somewhere. If you must be out at night, know your route and walk in high-traffic areas that are well-lit. Avoid places where someone might be able to hide, like dark alleys or between cars or bushes.
  • Practice parking lot safety. Follow the above-stated tips for awareness. If you see someone loitering near your car, return to the store or building and find a store associate, or someone you trust to walk you to your car. Make a quick scan of the interior of your vehicle to make sure nothing looks out of place and there’s nobody hiding in it. Then, quickly enter the car, start it and drive away.






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